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Health insurance
Health insurance consultation
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Looking for life insurance or disability insurance? We can help.

Want health insurance that complies with the Affordable Healthcare Act? Do you want a comprehensive yet affordable health care policy? Schedule an appointment with Wood Insurance Agency Inc. today! You'll get a FREE consultation for health insurance when you walk through the door.


We provide you with:

Affordable Healthcare Act Coverage

Call the insurance company that's continually been in business since 1929.


Accidents and illnesses are unpredictable, even uncontrollable! You want to make sure you can support your family, even if you're sick or injured for an extended period of time. Wood Insurance Agency Inc. can get you the disability insurance you need to protect your income! Give yourself the financial security you need.


Call or stop by today for a FREE consultation, or a no-cost second opinion on your current disability insurance needs. You can make sure your insurance is affordable and works for you.


Unlike other types of insurance, disability insurance rates are guaranteed never to change. Buying when you are younger means your premium will never go up, even as you age!